On Sunday 20th November in the Czech town of Pecka, the countries’ main Christmas tree was cut down. It will delight residents and visitors of Prague in the upcoming winter holidays.

The beautiful tree will be delivered and installed on the Old Town Square on the night of 22nd November. Dendrologists conducted the necessary tests and confirmed that the tree is healthy The 70-year-old tree was cut down by tree-surgeon Jiří Vorlíček. He brought with him just four saws and easily coped with the task. It was then shortened from 31m to the required 22m. His hard work was watched by around 200 local residents.

The tree is a gift from the Wolf family. As were the wishes of the late František Wolf, owner of the nearby forest. Alain Wolf, Mr. Wolf’s widower said: “My husband wanted his tree to bring joy to all the people who come to the Old Town Square on Christmas fair. We carried out his desire in his memory.”

The Christmas tree on the Old Town Square will light on Saturday, November 26 at 17:30. The colorful light and music show will be repeated every day at 17:30, 18:30, 19:30 and 20:30.

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