Prague City is facing some problem in buying the land needed for the construction of the new metro line D.

The line will be 10.6 km long, and of the 800 plots needed, only for 15 of them the City has been able to reach an agreement: for the rest, there could be expropriations.

The first section, between Pankrác and Depo Písnice, is to be started in 2018, but if things won’t move faster the city could recur only to drastic measures, by expropriating or forcing buyout of the property for the public project.

But even other hurdles remain: not all construction planning for the new metro are complete; also, existing legislation has to be amended to allow for the first ‘driverless’ metro train in the Czech Republic. Last but not least, it has to be worked out how much the project could still benefit from European monies in the Transport Fund.

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