The president shouted “Greetings to the journalists” to a group of girls who filmed his annual summer ritual on their mobiles.

“We are not journalists, we are fans,” the girls said. “I greet the fans even more than the journalists,” said the president.

Despite reports of Zeman being poorly, he travelled quickly out of the cottage to the riverbank. On the journey, he was seen using the oars as walking sticks to get to his rubber boat.

The rubber boat was followed by a group of guards ready to help him at any time. However, it was not necessary, as the President mastered himself all the way along the shores. It was only after the hardest initial walk that he stopped for a moment. “My legs already hurt,” he said.

Yet, after a short while, he continued, and with the help of bodyguards, boarded the boat, where they travelled along the lake.

Zeman spends his holiday in Nová Veselí from the beginning of July, and will be there until the end of the week. “Either on Friday or Sunday, we do not know yet,” one of the presidential guides said.

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