Czech President Milos Zeman criticized Donald Trump for lecturing “misbehaving” countries during his address to the UN, and says that the international community should be based on parity – not “masters and students.”

“The speech reminded me of a teacher publicly handing out grades to misbehaving students. But the international community should not be a relationship between master and student. Either we are all teachers or all students,” Zeman, who also delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly, told the Czech media in New York.

Zeman said Trump’s speech was like gradually grading individual countries.

“I said, OK, North Korea is a horrible dictatorship, there is no objection. He continued with Venezuela, well, Iran, well, there is some discrepancy. As you know the sanctions were lifted and a certain deal with Iran was reached,” he added.

“Do you understand me? And he would go on and would say that he must criticise the Czech Republic because it does not let migrants in,” he added.

Earlier, Iran called Trump’s comments “shameless and ignorant, ”while Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the US president was “a new Hitler.”

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