Prague Institute for Planning and Development expanded last year’s project of planting tables and chairs in forty new spots in the city. Chief of the Public Office Pavla Melková informed journalists that various organizations, associations, and initiatives are all welcome to register for approval.

The project started last year with placing eight sets of tables and chair in the city center. “Last year was a trial period to determine whether we should carry on with the project,” states Melková. “The main concern was that the seating sears would not be used frequently enough or that the pieces would be stolen immediately. Luckily none of the concerns came true.” Therefore, the city decided on the expansion of the project. Currently, there are 1200 chairs and 300 tables on forty different locations. More are being added in the upcoming weeks. New chairs and tables are going to be installed on Wenceslas Square.

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Melková adds that the tables and chairs are not just being installed in the city, but in the regions around Prague as well. The installations could be seen in Koloděje, Klánovice, Zbraslav or Čakovice. According to Prague’s Institute of Planning and Development, sitting down and relaxing improves community life. Among the newly equipped locations in Prague, there are the Botanical Garden in Albertov, the Puškin Square and the city library in Prosek.

The institute has reached the maximum number of chairs and tables allowed to be installed for the year, but more are to come next year. Besides institutions, associations, and organizations, individuals are now allowed to put in an installment request as well.

The project’s architect was inspired by the concept in practice in cities such as New York, Copenhagen, Zurich, and Stockholm, where chairs and tables on the streets have become favorite meeting places for friends and neighbors. Nowadays, Praguers, as well as foreigners, have come to love this concept.