The city is looking for a suitable space to open a Re-Use Center, which will serve for recycling old, but still well-functioning things, which would otherwise have been thrown into the trash.

People will be able to drop off things that they no longer want to use but are still in good condition. Items collected from scrap yards, such as furniture, books, toys, and textile, will also be added to the center’s collection.

“It is another step in fulfilling the ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ motto. We are attempting to reduce the amount of trash by reusing them,” says Jan Plamínková, councilor of Prague.

Staff will be at the Re-Use Center during opening times handling deliveries, sorting and distributing items and coordinating sales. All proceeds from the sales will go towards supporting the waste management system in Prague.

Such recycling centers can be seen in full swing in Vienna or Budapest. The centers are favored by the public as well as the professionals for the social and environmental benefits.

The Czechs have already tested out the concept of incorporating scrap yards into the project in Brno, where it seems to be a viable and sustainable way of waste reduction. “Re-Use centers have been functioning in Vienna for years now. I believe that they will be just as successful in Prague,” adds Planínková.