Prague recently bought land under the Negrelli viaduct and the city is planning on turning it into a lively center. It will cost around a quarter of a billion to construct its arches and turn them into shops and cafes.

Architects from the Central European Architecture (CCEA), want to show how to use the site as a model for foreign cities, by implementing several pillars. Under the viaduct, they are planning bistros, stages for music and theater performances, tennis tables, and recreational activity centers.

The Mayor, Adriana Krnáčová from ANO, reported “within a few months, the area around the viaduct has changed, and originally the unsightly part of Karlin has become a lively place where people have fun. And so it should be in the future. It will be an important place not only for the district and the city district but for the whole of Prague.”

The reconstruction of the viaduct is due to be completed in 2019. Shops and other services are planning to be opened by 2020. CCEA architects are planning to coordinate the project, estimating in roughly 250 to 300 million Czech Crowns.
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