Freezing cold weather spread across the Czech Republic over Easter, with many places recording temperatures below zero. The coldest temperatures were felt in the Southern Region.
On Friday in the early morning meteorologists measured – 20° C at Šumava Lake. The temperature in Šumava Churáňov was – 9.6 ° C. “These values are relatively low, but we can not talk about the extreme. Sometimes even in the second half of April, it has been much colder.” said Václav Kubišta of České Budejovice Hydrometeorological Institute.
Lower temperatures in the South Bohemian region have been constant since the beginning of the week. In many places, it was snowing and Šumava has been covered in snow for a week. According Kubišta in the coming days temperatures will be a little warmer.
Over the weekend, forecasters expect daytime temperatures in the South Region in the range of six to ten degrees Celsius.

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