From today the ban of Segway is now in effect. Prague City Hall started a strong informative campaign around the city and on social networks.

This is the official Facebook cover of

Schermata 2016-08-03 alle 11.55.40

and here the new advertising campaign around the city that introduces the ban:



The map shows where the ban is in effect. The area of the ban includes all of Prague 1, the New Town area of Prague 2 (much of Vinohrady is unaffected), half of Žižkov in Prague 3, most of Prague 4, Holešovice in Prague 7, and Karlín in Prague 8.



Today we were in Old Town Square to check if police were applying the Segway ban.

√ We spent there 1 hour

√ City Police was present with a representative vehicle and four officers.

√ In one case, police fined two Segway drivers.


√ Apparently the situation is normal, Segways stationed in the old town square past in front the police without any problems

IMG_3098 IMG_3103



√ Segway tours continue to pass among tourists like before

IMG_3105 IMG_3106 IMG_3095

In our opinion, more controls should be done to really enforce this law.

The video that show this morning situation in Old Town Square

Photo: Prague Morning