Prague restaurants have reported a loss of their regular customers following the first month of the smoking ban. This is apparent from the statements of their operators for CTK. The loss of sales is reported, for example, by Na Pasece restaurant in Rumunská street. While lunches are the same as before, the evening has been noticeably lower since the introduction of the ban on customers, and this is reflected in sales, said co-owner Pavel Kadeřábek.

Fewer “regulars” also go to the “U Zlatého tigra” cellar. Those guests were likely to enjoy a smoke with their beer, which is now negatively affected by the amount of beer consumed.

There was also a reported loss of guests at Cafe bar Elysium in Na Bojišti street. “It may or may not be related to the effectiveness of the anti-smoking law, however, Elysium has seen an incredible outflow of visitors since the beginning of June. As a result, our and your favorite business, which has earned more or less so much money, has been in serious financial difficulties,” said the staff on Facebook.

According to the Executive Director of the Czech Brewery and Malt Association Martina Ferencová, however, it is too early to assess the impact of the ban on the operation of pubs and restaurants. The nice weather so far has attracted guests especially to the restaurants’ gardens, where the smoking ban is not limited in any way.

“Only in the last quarter of the year will the latest legislation change,” she added.