What is a Scrooser, you might ask? Picture a combination of a Vespa and a scooter. The German vehicle began with a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 and are available in Berlin, Lisbon and most recently, Prague.

The electric scooter runs on a 500w battery with zero-emissions and provides a quick and smooth way to travel. The designers wanted to give an alternative to transport such as trams, cars, or foot for a city person and for the ride to be fun in the process.

To buy your very own Scrooser will cost around $5,000. But once up and running, in just one charge the vehicle can take you up to 55km, costing a user an average of 5 CZK per charge. Another money saver is that they are free to park (and have a built in an anti-theft device) making it easy to hop on and off as you please.


Visitors to Prague can enjoy a ride on a Scrooser on a guided tour of the city. However, following the ban of the segway in Prague last year, Scrooser are conscious to run on a different principle. They can’t be rented without a guide and tours stay clear of pedestrian or over populated areas. The electric motor is curbed so riders cannot exceed local speed limits for motorized vehicles, and comes under the Czech classification as a bicycle.

Scrooser offer test drives for those looking to buy their own, or if you fancy an alternative way to see Prague try one of the guided tours. The ride is smooth and you’ll notice heads turn as you buzz along. Whether you prefer standing or sitting, turning corners on the fat tires is an enjoyable experience.

With interest in other countries such the USA and more, we’ll see what the future is for the sleek scooters.