People will be able to see over two dozen statues of the Sculpture Line exhibition on their travels around Prague until the end of September.

Works of artists have decorated Prague’s streets, squares, and other public spaces for four months and will only be left until the end of this month. For several years, the festival has regularly placed contemporary sculptures in the public space to bring new emotions into it.

Whether it is a giant yellow octopus, carefree floating in the Vltava river, a threatening yet more fascinating Hyen who holds a guard in the Dolní Brežany, a massive iron piano with a cross that forces the tourists to contemplate Prague, or Rector welcoming visitors to the New Town Hall.

Among the installations of the sculpture festival are the works of one of the most respected sculptors of the present, a British artist established in Germany, Tony Cragg, statues of Olbram Zoubek, František Skála, Swiss sculptor Mark Moser, Andrej Margoc, Monika Horčicová, Veronika Psotková, Václav Fiala, Ondrej Oliva, or Viktor Paluše.

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