Alfons Mucha’s famous collection is going on a trip to Tokyo, where it will be displayed for three months. The twenty paintings, which combine mythological scenes and Czech culture, will be transported to Tokyo gradually for security reasons.

Organizers will not disclose the date of departure, as it is in the terms of the extremely specific insurance contract, that this information must be secret. This type of high-value insurance is usually paid for by the borrower of the artworks.

The Slav Epic was exhibited at Veletrežni Palac Prague for 5 years. The exhibition in Japan begins March 8. Critics warn that transporting the huge paintings could damage them. Organizers want to send the images to China after they have been on display in Tokyo, but this route has not been approved yet. The paintings will be transported by a specialized firm Kunsttrans Prague.

The works will be placed in crates and only after 24 hours will they begin their journey; the canvases will be kept at a constant temperature and each crate will have a monitoring device to ensure this is the case.

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