The expanding Segway ban has been proposed in Prague 2 and 10. Both districts hope to adopt the regulations by this summer.

The ban was originally put in place last December. The restrictions were first implemented in Prague 1, as well as the Žižkov, Smíchov, Libeň, Letná and Holešovice neighborhoods.

Zone restricting Segways Source: AlbuquerqueJournal
Zone restricting Segways
Source: AlbuquerqueJournal

The restrictions were placed on Segway riders due to safety and traffic issues. Prague 2 is trying to adopt the restrictions after facing criticism from residents. The surrounding district had already adopted the ban, which pushed Segway traffic into Prague 2. After complaints and similar safety concerns, the district has decided to adopt the regulations.

Prague 10, on the other hand, has not experienced any safety or traffic issues. They decided to also restrict Segway traffic in order to avoid the issues other districts faced. After seeing the effects on Prague 2 after surrounding districts adopted the ban, they worry that Segway traffic will migrate to Prague 10.

“The prohibition of self-loading trucks is valid in two neighboring districts, and Prague 2 has previously declared to join it. That is why we have applied also because we are afraid that the problem will be transferred to us,” said Viktor Lojík, Vice-President and Transport Committee of Prague 10, in an interview with iDNES.

Despite the restrictions spreading to other districts, some are criticizing it, and others are not following it at all. Since the beginning of the year, police have had 21 cases in which Segway riders broke the restrictions.

Source: TripAdvisor
Source: TripAdvisor

Segway tours have been popular and successful in Prague. One of the major critics of the restrictions comes from Segway CR. The association represents multiple Prague Segway tour and rental companies. Segway CR states that the regulations violate the pre-existing traffic laws.

“The law clearly states: A rider on a passenger carrier may legally use bicycle paths, a reserved lane for cyclists on pedestrian paths and cyclists at a speed comparable to that of cycling cyclists,” according to a statement by Segway CR.

Segway CR initiated a lawsuit against Prague over the legality of the new legislation, however, the lawsuit was struck dismissed in April, according to an article published by iDNES.

While the ban on Segways continues, many tour companies are making up for their losses by transitioning to electric scooter and bicycle tours. It is uncertain if these alternatives will lead to similar issues.

Source: SCROOSER Tour
Electric scooters, an alternative to Segways Source: SCROOSER Tour