Electric vehicles still travel on the streets of the Czech capital, despite the fact that legislation approving a ban on their use, in the city centre was passed on August 3.

City councillors and the police are powerless to act because until now there have been no road signs prohibiting their use. The Mayor of Prague 1 Oldrich Lomecký, says the installation of road signs may take another two years: “In late August, the government spent 400,000 CZK on the campaign to ban Segways and it came to nothing. Segway is still in Prague. I do not understand why this can not be done”.

According to a representative of the city, the fact that the city council taken so long to get these signs is indicative of his inability to act quickly, or on the contrary a desire to delay the ban of Segways. Wit Hoffman, a spokesman for the metropolitan magistrate, said: “Official information about the specific date of the ban Segway was never announced, nevertheless it will happen”. Hoffman added that signs could appear as early as this year, but did not make any promises.