From Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th of October the Signal Light Festival will be on. The festival celebrates its fifth birthday in October and is preparing a number of new changes.

Visitors will see about twenty lighting installments from Czech and foreign artists. The shows will be along the center and Vinohrady around Prague 2 and 3. This year they will have two locations. “Artistic installations have the audience to accompany the streets of Prague and show its corners and known and unknown places from another angle and in another light. The concept of two routes makes this possible. We also have a chance to include many locations where Signal has never been before,” says Martin Posta the director of the festival.

Alongside the new routes, visitors will see galleries and interior spaces that will host lighting installations. To visit the gallery it will be 100 CZK, and with the ticket, you will be able to visit all four places along with video mapping that requires 3D glasses. The outside is free.