In today’s modern times, when almost anything can be purchased in a supermarket, people have forgotten how to do one of the most basic things – to create.

A new trend is popping up now where people are getting back to their artistic roots with workshops and creative classes. Smalterie is a place in Prague where adults and children can wake up their playful side and disappear from the world for an hour or so. In this workshop, which is located within walking distance from Charles Bridge, you can paint on metal mugs of all kinds.

You can choose from several types of mugs and then you just grab the brush and start painting. You have as much time as you want, and it depends only on you how much effort and time you want to spend. If you’re painting skills aren’t that of Picasso or Mucha the staff are there to ready to help.

The technique of enameling (in Czech “smaltování”), hence the name Smalterie, has a strong tradition in Bohemia, and such mugs in souvenir shops are being purchased by tourists as a traditional souvenir from Prague.

So why shouldn’t you create your own original and have a bit of time for yourself?

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