For beer lovers who dream of brewing their own pint, a portable brewery from the Czech Republic may be just the thing.

Fitting into a standard shipment container, the “Smart Brewery” made in Prague by the Well Service company can produce up to 525 hectolitres of beer, or 2,000 pints a week.

“We wanted to make a brewery that would be mobile, possible to deliver anywhere in the world, with a simple use and not space-demanding,” Pavel Pozivil from the Well Service said.

“You can put it anywhere on a solid surface, link to water and electricity sources, and you can start brewing,” he said.

The complete set costs 2.7 million crowns. Well Service has already agreed a delivery to Russia, and it is in negotiations in Thailand, Tanzania and other countries.

“When you follow the procedure and you have a good recipe, then it is no problem to brew an excellent beer,” said Radek Spacil, which completed its first brew with the Smart Brewery on Sept 2.

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Photo: David W Cerny/REUTERS 
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