Smetana Q is a concept to create a harmonious space for Czech artists and those interested in Czech art. For talented Czech designers of clothing, footwear, jewelry and fashion accessories, it provides room for their work, which is then introduced to the general public.

In a nutshell, it is a centre of Czech design with spacious showrooms, workshops, exhibition spaces and a design shop, accompanied with a stylish café.

Smetana Q was inspired by the Italian ‘La Bottega’, which when translated means craft shops with an open air street shops. The handcrafted designers offer their products to the incoming ones, who have a unique chance to observe their work.

The whole concept is underlined by the unique space in which SmetanaQ is situated. The 19th-century building on the right bank of the Vltava river, right in the heart of Prague provides unique interiors and spacious solutions for a symbiosis between visitors and designers.

“Here the customer observes the creative process itself and afterward they can buy the product as well. Usually, these two activities happen separately,” comments Karin Říhová, the creator of the concept.

All of the designers were carefully selected by a professional jury. They evaluated the quality, visual aspect, marketability and consumer perspective in the selection process.

So, anyone who is interested in local production, art and design is welcome. In Smetana Q you will experience and up close with a product as a whole.


Dave Patterson is a content marketer. A writer by day and a reader by night. Coffee addict.