In the 19th century, Smetanovo Nabřeží, on the right bank of the river looks nothing like it does today. This area is used to overgrow with reeds and the houses were inhabited mainly by fishermen.

At the end of the century, the whole area underwent revitalization and the grand buildings we see today, like the National Theatre or Café Slavia were built.

Another grand building in this area was built at this time, which later became the famous Zdeněk Sklenář’s Gallery (Galerie Zdeňka Sklenáře).

This building has been revitalized again thanks to the project SmetanaQ.

The aim is to show off young Czech fashion designers (shoes, jewelry, clothing) to the public and to provide the artists with spacious showrooms, workshops, exhibition space and design shop.

“Here the customer observes the creative process itself and afterward they can buy the product as well. Mostly these two activities happen separately,” comments Karin Říhová, creator of the concept.

All designers have been thoroughly selected by a professional jury. They evaluated the quality, visual aspect, marketability and consumer perspective.

autor: CTK
autor: CTK
autor: CTK