The smoking ban may be the end of some of Prague’s favorite bars.

Bar Bluelight, a prominent bar in Prague, will close after losing customers because of the smoking ban. Bar Bluelight was a popular pub for smokers, but after following the new anti-smoking laws, they will be closing on August 31.


A highly acclaimed pub, Bluelight Bar has ratings exceeding four stars across websites. Located on one of the many winding roads through Malá Strana, the bar is an interesting part of one of Prague’s beautiful historic districts.

The bar is closing because of noise issues. When people go out into the street to smoke, they are loud, which causes issues, according to an interview with the bar’s operator done by Echo24. The building housing Bar Bluelight is owned by the hotel next door, which did not like the increased noise. Noise complaints were one of Prague’s bar owners and residents’ primary concerns about the smoking ban.

We published an article about the concerns after the first week of the smoking ban, which you can read here.

Noise was not the only issue. The bar operator claims to have lost customers to bars that will allow them to smoke inside, according to the same article.


Bar Bluelight is not the only pub experiencing issues with the smoking ban. One bar owner said that he was frustrated with the ban, and that he hoped the city would overturn it. Another bartender said that he was not concerned about the smoking ban because they were still allowing smoking in the pub. Both bartenders wished to remain anonymous to avoid unwanted attention at their establishments.

Many seem to disapprove wit the ban. However, it is worth noting that it takes time to adjust to new laws. Despite this, it is a shame that beloved establishments ,like Bar Bluelight, may close in the near future.