The sun comes up and the weather finally starts to get better. That is when you realize it’s finally spring. If you’ve ever walked down the streets of Prague during spring or summer, you must have probably spotted someone gloriously matching up socks and sandals.

Right after the temperature rises above the negative, this phenomenon starts showing up. But have you ever wondered why it is such a common thing to see in the Czech Republic?

Well, the answer is, there’s no specific reason for it. Some people say it dates back to the communist era in the Czech Republic when isolation from the outside world took place. This meant fashion became less of a priority for most Czechs. Others say that Czechs fancy the idea of feeling comfortable and rocking socks with sandals is their to go method of comfort.

For some reason, it is much more common to see a man following this trend than it is to see a woman. More specifically, it is common among men in the age of 50 and above. Finally, to be more exact, the socks are usually white, and the whiter the better!

Although this trend is commonly seen as a fashion faux pas, in 2010, The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper, wrote that it is acceptable to match the not so glorious pair up. This trend dates back to the years 300-500 BC where pharaohs created socks with opening in the middle to fit with their sandals. Archaeological findings in England also showed traces of Romans wearing socks with sandals at least 2000 years ago. The Polish people are quite known for this fashion extravaganza as well. So, Czechs, you are not alone.