The rooftop of Palác Lucerna will open, providing another open-air public space for people to enjoy. The space will offer a wide range of events and access to irresistible views and a beautiful environment. The rooftop’s opening will be held from August 17-23.

Taking inspiration from abroad, the project’s founders looked towards cities providing rooftop access to the public. The idea is heavily inspired by Václav Havel, who conducted many lectures in his apartments, according to the event’s organizers.

“We would like to continue to meet important people of our generation and discuss them together, like when Ivan M. Havel staged hundreds of residential seminars in his famous apartment on the seafront,” according to the event’s organizers write.

The idea of the project is similar to many public projects around Prague, bring people together in a pleasant mixture of cultural, intellectual, and social interactions. Hosting seminars, butterfly releases, and stargazing, the opening events’ diversity truly embodies this goal.

“It looks like the deck of an ocean liner in a sea of buildings. The ideal place for engagement, the establishment of a business or family, the composition of a hit verse, or even a silent mute amazement over the poetry of the urban landscape in the heart of Prague,” according to the event’s organizers.


Multiple prominent Czech contemporaries are involved in the project, including the entrepreneur Ondřej Kobza and the architect Petr Hájek. Ondřej Kobza operates multiple businesses around Prague, including Café V lese, Café Neustadt, and Prastánek — the 350-year-old tree doubling as a cafe at Malostranské náměstí. Petr Hájek has worked on many important projects and has had work on display at the DOX Centre For Contemporary Art.

On August 17, the event will be open from 12:00-18:00, and will be open from 12:00-20:00 from the 18th-23rd. Entrance for the opening days is 100 CZK for adults, and free for kids. In the future, they plan to make access to the rooftop free for everyone.