In Loštice – a town of 3,000 inhabitants near Šumperk – locals are enjoying an ice cream made from their famous stinky cheese, called “tvarůžky”.

Tvarůžek, or tvarůžky in plural, is a mature yellowish cheese with a strong taste and smell that is more usually enjoyed with bread, onions and beer.

They got the idea at a café and confectionery called U lišky Bystroušky: the owner of the confectionery Roman Činčara said: “Lot of people think it will be salty, but it is really a fairly sweet ice cream with a Tvaruzky cheese taste”.

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Činčara adds sugar and other ingredients to balance out the cheesy taste and the odor is somewhat suppressed by the low temperature.

Tvarůžky has been produced in the eastern Olomouc region since 15th century.

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