It only took Martin Kopřiva from Plzeň 13 days, 7 hours and 47 minutes to walk across the Czech Republic. He started off at the Ašsko region in the West and reached the Easternmost point of the Czech Republic near Jablunkov. He walked a total of 666 kilometers from July 10 to July 23.

The student beat the registered record by about a third of the time. Last year, he walked across the Czech Republic for the first time. Besides the Westernmost and Easternmost point of the country, he walked to the Southernmost point as well, which added up to a total of 1200 kilometers in 29 days. Martin was accompanied by some of his friends for a least half of his journey.

He conquered this year’s challenge all by himself. “One has more freedom this way. I can stop wherever I want, sleep wherever I want and eat whenever I want,” says the 20-year-old student.

Martin knew that if he wanted to stick to his plan, he would have to start walking as soon as the sun rises. “I slipped up from the very start. I would usually start walking around 7am. I would eat breakfast when I get to a village, then I would rush the entire morning to catch up.” The worst part was having to endure it psychologically. “Waking up every morning with the thought of walking 50 kilometers in 12 hours does not necessarily do it,” Martin admitted. According to Martin, walking on long roads was the worst, especially during the heat.

Kopřiva mainly slept in his tent. His backpack weighed 16 kilograms and bought food along the way. He walked his longest distance right on the first day – 60 kilometers! His shortest distance walked in a day was in the following day – only 8 kilometers.

Martin is not planning another journey anytime soon. “I am not planning on going anywhere by myself for a while. If there were more of us, maybe,” the student says.

His name will be in the Czech book of records as soon as his successful attempt is officially recognized.