Students and staff of the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University in Prague are calling for unisex toilets.

A spokesperson for the Feminist society said: ”International experience shows that the toilets do not have to be divided into male and female. The Faculty wants to create unisex restrooms as it understands that not all feel that they belong to one particular sex”. Inna Píšová, a representative from the university said: ”We discussed a proposal for unisex toilets, but in the foreseeable future, their creation is not planned.”

Czech Human Rights Minister Jan Chvojka has spoken about this issue in the past on social networks. He commented on the plans of the German “green” party in the open shared toilets as an experiment in several public buildings in Berlin, saying the activists should focus on more important things. He said: “Increased activity of Czech gender activists who are mostly” Green Party “can not be overlooked in the recent times. I attribute this to the early start of the election campaign. Equality between men and women – an important topic. But its discussion in the context of unisex toilets I regard as a disservice.”

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