How many times have we wondered where to find a tailor in Prague? We always go to someone we know, but the idea that came to Mirka Horka –  a 28 year old Czech fashion designer – was something very special.


She opened an atelier in Prague 2 in Korunni, a mix between a showroom and a workshop, where you can see her creations in a line that comes from the catwalk. In the back of the shop, there’s a workroom with three seamstresses working.

A person can come to change the buttons on their shirt, to fix broken pants, to customize their own piece of clothing, and also ask to create a t-shirt or a jacket with your personal taste, without spending so much.



Mirka as fashion’s vision, she works a lot with concrete, which she applies to several creations, starting from the concrete buttons until it is on the same jackets as decoration.
One of the concrete jackets from collection He Froze, as seen on the photo, made Mirka famous and helped her to nomination for International Woolmark prize in Milan.

In the shop, they speak both Czech and English.

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Concrete buttons
A suit from merino wool applied with a reflective foil


Visit the official website for more information or the Facebook page Mirka Horka

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