Summer has come and the temperatures are rising, this means it is time to go swimming. When the sun is out, lakes, ponds, rivers, and other swimming holes make for the best places to cool down and relax with friends.

During these months, it is a good change of pace to get outside of Prague and go for a swim in a quiet area with friends and family. Here is a list of a few of the closest swimming destinations, located just outside of the city. They are listed by the length of the trip by car, with the starting point being Prague 1.

1. Přírodní koupaliště Motol — 20 minutes (7.4 km)

Přírodní koupaliště Motol v Praze Source:
Přírodní koupaliště Motol v Praze

Offering both a pond and a natural swimming pool, this is an excellent place for the family to visit. The location has a snack bar, playground, showers, and other amenities as well. There is also a lifeguard on duty, and the water quality is regularly monitored for its quality. There is also a designated section along the beach for nudists. Click here to find directions.

Entrance fee: 50-70 CZK

Monday-Sunday 9:30-20:00

2. Vodní nádrž Džbán in Divoka Šárka — 27 minutes (9.7 km)

Vodní nádrž Džbán v Divoké Šárce Source:
Vodní nádrž Džbán v Divoké Šárce

On the edge of Prague 6 there is an outdoor swimming pool next to the Divoká Šárka wilderness reserve. You can swim in both swimming pools and the natural reserve. Here, you can find toilets, a parking, and other facilities. Aside from swimming, there are other activities available, such as volleyball, fishing, and rental boats. There is also nudist section. Click here to find directions.

Entrance: 60 CZK

Monday-Sunday 8:00-21:00

3. Koupaliště Hostivařská — 33 minutes (15.2 km)

Koupaliště Hostivařská přehrada Source:
Koupaliště Hostivařská přehrada

Located within Hostivař Forest Park, here you can swim in the massive reservoir, which is capable of holding up to 10,000 people. The large recreational area offers tons of activities, including volleyball and tennis courts. The water slides are one of the major highlights of the area. Click here to find directions.

Entrance: 60-90 CZK (Family ticket – 250 CZK)

Monday-Sunday 9:30-20:00