The Volkswagen Prague Marathon takes place May 7, starting at 9 am at Old Town Square. It will be the 23rd edition of the race that has become the most important running event in the country.

The Volkswagen Prague Marathon became the fastest May marathon of all time in 2010 thanks to Eliud Kiptanui’s race record of 2.05:39. The women’s race record of 2:22:34 has been held by Lydia Cheromei since 2011.

The Volkswagen Prague Marathon includes traditional side events, such as the Marathon Music Festival, Sports Expo Fair and the short family Minimarathon. It is exactly a tenth of the race, 4.2 km, and is intended for all who want to be part of the marathon but dare not go the whole marathon distance.

The route of the marathon can be seen here:

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