In recent years traditional Japanese sushi have gained popularity in the Czech Republic. Perhaps due to its low calorific value and quality of ingredients used.

Sushi is a dish made of cooked rice traditionally combined with various ingredients, mostly seafood, vegetables, meat or fish. There are many different styles of how sushi can be served, but the key ingredient, rice, remains.

All the classic types of sushi served with a pinch of creativity are now accessible at Sushi Maru, a Japanese restaurant primarily focused on sushi. It has only been few months since they opened their doors but Sushi Maru has wiped the floor with their competitors and gained the number one spot on Trip Advisor.

When we asked how, the owner of the restaurant Aleksey Titov replied:
“We are proud of our chef, Taic Kim, who is not afraid to experiment and create his own recipes.” The chef is originally from South Korea, with almost 30 years of experience globally in top restaurants of South Korea, Japan and USA. He moved to Prague in order to encourage a local sushi scene and boost Sushi Maru with his skills.

The kitchen is indeed divine. You can choose both classical types of sushi and the chef’s original recipes, which combined with the wide range of ingredients forms an explosion of tastes. We recommend the “sashimi roll” that contains no rice, only the cucumber wraps and different kinds of fish, then “the tuna with lobster roll”, which is wrapped lobster in tuna or “spicy tuna cocktail” which is tuna served in a glass of martini. Another specialty is “Fugi mountain roll” which is a triangular shape of sushi.


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