Popular supermarket Kaufland experienced an unfortunate PR incident this week when a customer served in the Prague branch videoed their cashier – sporting a bold and controversial swastika tattoo.

In addition to a swastika on the lady’s lower arm, appeared a man with his right hand raised and a gate resembling the entrance to a work camp. Not a good look for the German supermarket chain, who spotted the video on social media.

When seeing the video and comments online  Kaufland claimed to “Immediately end our cooperation,” with the worker, named Miriam, according to Deputy store manager Gabriela Kociánová.


Gabriela spoke with Czech tabloid Extra.cz when the story broke via responses to the video and posts online.

Gabriela added that Miriam, was a temporary staff member who had only been with the store a short time and was under review for other issues not relating to the tattoo.