Prague will be drier and warmer toward the end of winter. According to meteorologists from the Czech Hydrometeorological Center.

The current period of extremely cold weather will end and temperatures will return to the average range for this time year. “With regard to the first half of the month, we assume that in the period from January 30 to February 26 the weather in the Czech Republic will return to the established characteristic weather of February. After the cold of January, of course, the citizens of our country will experience a slight warming “– say meteorologists.

“In the second half of February temperatures will be slightly above average, it will be warmer than the first half of the month, but I still say that spring will not come early”, – the expert added.

In late January and early February, daytime temperatures will fluctuate between -2 to 5 degrees. At night it will still be cold, up to -9 degrees. In the second week of February, the temperature could rise to 8 degrees, but the nights will be cold, temperatures of around -8 degrees. The following week, the nights will be less cold, around -4 but daytime temperatures will be around 0.

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