Teplice, North Bohemia, is visited every year by thousands of guests coming from the Middle East to spend their holidays in famous Spa.

The coexistence among the locals and the Arab customers, thus, has not proven to be the easiest, since some episodes of inappropriate behaviour of the latter have been reported.

To minimize the frictions among the two, the city of Teplice has then decided to print some leaflets with instructions on how to behave properly and how to dress and behave at Spa pools.

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The leaflets, printed thanks to the funds of the Ministry of Interior, can be found at the Muslim community office in Teplice, in local spa centres and also at the embassy of Kuwait.

To give more help to Middle Eastern customers, the city has also arranged an intercultural assistant, a man with Czech citizenship which comes from Syria, who helps the visitors with all their needs.

In the city, there’s also a minority of Muslim  inhabitants who helped the visitors as well, organizing events and cleaned the city.