In a village in the northwest of Bohemia, there is the Church of St. George in Luková, a church that is as much enigmatic and gloomy as fascinating.

Built in 1352, it regularly celebrated religious rites until 1796 when a fire occurred, causing almost total destruction and leading the structure to become abandoned. Thus began the restoration work that ended sixty years later. In the 60s it was opened again to the public but a new tragedy struck the building, when during a funeral the roof collapsed on all who were present.

At this point the Church of St. George was completely abandoned by the inhabitants of Lukova, who were convinced that the building was damned, avoiding even to get close to its walls.

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Later, the mayor, given the particular state of deterioration generated by the complete abandonment of the place, decided to undertake the restoration work. He soon realized that the amount for the restoration was huge and had the idea to commission the restoration to Jakub Hadrava, a local artist. The task of creating within the same church thirty-spectral shapes in plaster, to be placed between the pews, as if to remind the people who found themselves under the rubble in 1968.

The artist’s creativity has managed to bring thousands of tourists – mainly from Germany, Australia and Brazil, and in a short time, has collected the amount necessary for reconstruction, hoping that the curse will never come back to strike the Czech village.


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