The Italian rapper Fedez  who sold the most concert tickets in Italy in 2015, yesterday announced that he entrusts the management of his musical rights to the English  startup Soundreef. This is a total revolution because in Italy as in many other countries there is a monopoly in music royalties.  Soundreef opens the door to a totally new and fast management of music rights.

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Soundreef Ltd licenses businesses to play its members’ music in stores and live events in over 20 countries. As well as granting licenses to use music, it gathers and distributes royalties on behalf of authors and publishers, providing an alternative to traditional copyright collection societies. Soundreef

Soundreef Ltd is an Independent Management Entity (IME as for the EU Directive 2014/26/EU) recognized by the UK Intellectual Property Office that competes with national Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) such as SGAE,BMI,GEMA, SIAE and SACEM. The company administers over 150,000 songs throughout the world to provide music for tens of thousands of business users.