In Smíchov a bistro called ‘Cooks Without Homes’ employs four full-time women chefs who are homeless. Kuchařek bez domova is located on Brožíkova street.

“The homeless cooks’ project has been running for several years, but it has not had a permanent dining room yet,” said Michael Hokynek of the Jako doma organization for “The aim is to offer homeless women work, but also destigmatize homelessness in general, and point out female homelessness, which is in many ways different in particular because women on the street are more vulnerable,” explains Hokynek.

The facility was around three million crowns and comes from donations, foundations, and EU funds. The facility will function as a social enterprise. The salary of a permanent worker is 15 thousand crowns, however, most of the cooks use the money for debt relief. Jako doma organization was established in 2012 focusing on homeless women.

Cooking helps women without a permanent home bounce off the floor and return to normal life, through permanent meals. The organization is also trying to change the view of people in distress. The menu includes carrot soup, chicken peppers, salted cabbage, and tofu or gingerbread. “We will also process vegetables that are not sold in the store due to appearance,” said Eva, one of the cooks.

It will be open on weekdays from 11.00 – 18.00 and lunch are served until 15.00. Soup with pastry will be 30 crowns. “In addition to offering meals and other refreshments, we are planning screenings, lectures, and discussions on various social topics. We want to create a place where local people can eat healthily and at an affordable price and learn about homelessness,” says Lenka Vrbová from the As At Home Organization.

More information about Kuchařek bez domova can be found via their Facebook page and the official website of the Jako doma organization.

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Autor: František Vlček, MAFRA