Czech towns have joined a mobile application project to help people find their way to the nearest public toilet. Public toilets are often “hidden” from strangers since there are no arrows or other signs to indicate access to them.

The Patients IBD organization has developed an online map of public toilets along with a mobile application, WC Compass, which detects the nearest accessible toilet based on the user’s GPS.

The users are asked to propose the entry of more still unregistered toilets, in the map. A total of 23 towns joined the project in full or to an extent.

At present, the WC Compass (WC Kompas) application registers a total of 1,125 public and private toilets including 355 public ones, 338 toilets accessible to the disabled, 293 toilets at police stations, 56 in restaurants, 44 in office buildings and 39 in medical facilities.

The highest number of registered toilets, 273, can be found in Prague.

Available from the App Store and Google Play, it can be used throughout the Czech Republic.

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