A new application will allow a wide range of detailed information through a 3D model app created by the Institute for Planning and Development of Prague (IPR Prague).

“The main advantage of the 3D Model is the fact that it’s not just a three-dimensional representation of the city as if you were going to the IMAX. Our model is composed of data on individual objects. That’s why you can find information about each individual building in Prague,” says Ondrej Boháč, Director of IPR Prague.

In the app, you can search by address, the house you are looking for will auto-color in the map. For each building, the user will know how many floors there are, what the purpose of the building is, who owns it, and who the public administration is. “Thanks to the application, people can also enjoy views of the best-known Prague prospects. The application can transfer users to 24 locations. My favorite is the view from Novotny’s footbridge or a view from the Prague Castle ramp,” says Boháč.

The range of buildings and technologies used is a unique app for displaying a 3D city model. The app lets you monitor the lighting and seasons, you also have a choice between technical and orthophoto.

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