Riding a bike through Prague should bring a real pleasure: this is the opinion of the app creators, which allows you to plan a biking route.

Cykloplánovač app was created as part of the project Čistou stopou Prahou. The mobile app Cykloplánovač will give you a choice of several routes, taking into account the factors such as elevation, type of surface and whether or if a particular street is busy. You can choose your route from among four travel profiles – quick, quiet, flat or balanced. After answering a few questions and filling out the start and end points.

“Everything is very simple. First, the system creates a track, but it’s not always perfectly accurate; so as a second step there’s a verification by a human. Our staff tries not to create the road so that it goes near a roadway or has bad qualities”, said the project manager Michal Jakob.

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