Its the last week of the hot summer in Prague according to meteorologists. According to forecasts, Monday will be a typical Prague summers day with highs of 27 degrees Celsius and few clouds in the sky. The weather will get warmer as the working week continues.

On Tuesday the temperature is expected to be 28 degrees Celsius.

By Wednesday it will be 29 degrees but clouds will start to appear. This warm weather is expected to continue late into the evening.

Thursday is the last hot day, with temperatures above 32 degrees. But thunderstorms and rain are expected throughout the day.

Friday will be cooler, 27 degrees again and the rain should have cleared away by then. Sadly the weekend will be filled with rain.

On Saturday temperatures will fall to around 22 degrees Celsius and it will be raining all day.

On Sunday it gets worse, more rain and temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius. Next week it is expected that this cooler weather will remain.

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