Today, in honor of the independence of Czechoslovakia (1918) the doors of Prague Mayor Residence will be opened. Everyone will be able to visit the halls and rooms of the residence of the head of the city, from 10:00 to 19:00.

Prague Mayor’s Residence is located in the building of the Municipal Library in Prague, and occupies about one-fifth of all its area. This well-preserved object is built in neoclassical style at the beginning of XX century by one famous Czech architect – František Roith. The Municipal Library in Prague, the second largest building in the city and frequently visited
by lots of tourists, is located at the Marian Square (Mariánské náměstí).

Anyone can visit the library, but the Prague Mayor’s Residence is usually closed for tourists. The residence it is decorated with astonishing paintings, made by Czech artists and the original furniture of the XX century. Usually, the attention of visitors is attracted by the fountain and gorgeous gilded ceilings, and much much more. From the windows you can see the whole beautiful Prague as it is.

Guided tours are expected to be arranged for small groups of visitors (maximum 20 people) with 15-minute intervals.


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