On Thursday, August 4 opens the Czech House (Casa Tcheca), the hospitality house for Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

More than 50 Czech companies will be showing off their wares to the public. A six-metre sculpture will pay tribute to Czech long-distance running legend Emil Zatopek.

More than 30 countries will transform some of the Rio’s most breathtaking locations into venues for enjoying culture, gastronomy and sport

Half of the houses in Rio will be open to the public, while entry to some country houses (such as those of the USA, China and Russia) will be restricted to athletes and invited guests only. Entry to many of the open houses will be free.

There will be hospitality houses all over the centre of the city and in the main beach districts, located in a variety of cultural centres, sports clubs and historic buildings.

Hospitality houses have become a tradition of recent Olympic Games; at Beijing 2008 and London 2012 they were some of the most popular places for athletes and fans to let their hair down.

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