Thanks to the Internet and increasing opportunities for remote working, more people can move abroad and live like “digital nomads.

Digital nomads earn a living, many of them in the tech industry among many different sectors.
In 2014, Levels started a site called Nomad List, a website that crowdsources information to share with fellow nomads.
Over the years, people have contributed their thoughts on topics like the weather, how much English is spoken, safety, Wi-Fi and monthly cost of living across hundreds of cities.
The results are these 10 most popular cities for digital nomads, based on real-time check-ins on Nomad List.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

2. Bangkok, Thailand

3. London, UK

4. Berlin, Germany

5. San Francisco, USA

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. Prague, Czech Republic

(The city was highly rated for being friendly to women, great nightlife and entertainment.
But it scored poorly for air quality, racial tolerance and English-speaking).

8. Hong Kong

9. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

10. Tokyo, Japan

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