Partial reconstruction of three connected buildings is going to be renovated to provide an educational, cultural, and creative business.

Their aim is to attract business start-ups and Prague locals. They are located on the border between Old Town Square and Malé Náměstí where Prague Creative Center was founded. They hope to attract local inhabitants of Prague to the city center which is dominated mainly by tourists. Both offices will share a work area, meeting rooms, and lecture halls.

The newly opened houses offer a total of five floors with the reception at U Zlatého rohu. “The work concerned basic infrastructure, such as new electricity, but also other modifications including the painting of all space. The reconstruction costs were around two million crowns,” says Ondřej Boháč, director of the City of Prague’s Institute of Planning and Development of Prague (IPR), which participated in the project.

For social and cultural events, there is a carefully renovated backyard with a new floor. Another floor will be IPR, the premises which will provide smaller initiative, such as Pragulic or Empty Houses that deal with the city’s current problems. The remaining two floors will be shared by startup company Air Ventures or EDUin Education Information Center.

There will be an open space for various lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and screenings. The city believes that the concept will be successful.

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Photo: František VlčekMAFRA