During WWII, thousands of Prague’s Jews were waiting to be transported to concentration camps at the train station of Bubny.

Today, the train station will become a memorial to the transportation of the Jews and will be referred as the Memorial of Silence. The entrance of the building will be a wall of books in order to remember the fate of fifty thousand people who took the trains to the ghettos in Terezin or Lodz in Poland.

On October 16, 1941, the first Jewish transport in Prague was dispatched from this station, while the inhabitants of Prague silently watched. It will be presented on October 16 at the Palác Orco in Prague 7: ” More than twelve meters high space of the entrance hall will be filled with a number of concrete fossilized books along the entire height,” says Shoah Memorial Director Pavel Štingl.

On October 3, the train station will host the opening of the Memory Layer exhibition: at the station visitors will see the installation of five artists who have attempted to take the topic of transportation to concentration camps and the overall history and atmosphere of the Bubny station.