It’s a situation everyone is familiar with: you are running to the tram and you’re almost there, but just as you reach it, the doors slam in your face. Every time you wonder, “Why couldn’t they have waited two more seconds to let me on?”

Well, in an interview with, Zdeňka Vorlova said: “Imagine if you are on tram 22 and the intervals between each stop are 4 minutes. On every second or third stop, you wait 10 seconds to half a minute for someone who is running. God forbid that you would hold the door and wait for the whole gang that runs behind them. On the last stop, you will have three to four trams and three to four angry colleagues.”

According to her, there are tram lines, where the driver can afford to wait, and when they cant. “When the interval is 10 minutes, so the driver can obviously wait”

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