Passengers in Brno can now take advantage of the low-cost, travel service Uberpop. Czech managers of the company Uber had promised a long time ago that the service would be available in the capital of Moravia.

It was supposed to be launched there at the end of last year, but the company decided it was important to focus first on Bratislava and Prague, where Uber has been available since August 2014.

In Prague, at the moment there are 1100 Uber drivers who transport in tens of thousands of people. The average wait time in Prague is 4 minutes. In Brno, it is expected that demand will exceed supply at first, so users will have to wait slightly longer.

Uber will work in Brno at the same rate as in Prague. Requesting will cost 25 crowns, the cost of 1 km – 9.93 crowns. The platform will charge a 25% commission.

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