Wednesday 11 saw temperatures of -17 in some areas. This is the second coldest temperature seen in January for 45 years, according to data released by American NOAA from the weather station in Libuse.

Temperatures fell throughout the Czech Republic. In Šumava temperatures are traditionally lower than in Prague, but this year thermometers dropped to a staggering 35 degrees below zero.

A total of four days, had temperatures lower than -10 degrees celsius. Four people in the capital have died as a result of hypothermia since last Friday. Further frosts are expected to hit Prague and the whole of the Czech Republic this week. On Friday, in the capital its expected to be -13 degrees.

A spokesperson for the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute said: “In the third week of January we expect the temperature to be below average, you can expect a longer period of frost. The fourth week of January, according to current assumptions should return to the average temperatures.” Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.”

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