DOX exhibition presents the photography of two leading Czech photographers, Tomki Němec and Bohdan Holomíček, who for a number of years recorded important historical events as well as ordinary moments in the life of Václav Havel. Over three hundred photos will be accompanied by a film footage by Petr Jančárek.

The exhibition’s side program will include discussion, film, and music/literature evenings, mostly requiring Czech language skills.


Tomki Němec

His career dates back to the 1980s, when he was primarily active as part of the unofficial Czech photography scene. During 1989 – 1992 he was President Václav Havel’s official photographer. During 2009 – 2014, he photographed Karel Schwarzenberg and documented his campaign in the first direct presidential election in the Czech Republic.

Bohdan Holomíček

Bohdan Holomíček has photographed countless various people, from absolutely ordinary ones to the icons of the dissident movement. During the 1970s, he came to know Olga and Václav and Havel, and documented social and cultural events at Hrádeček and elsewhere.

Petr Jančárek

Director, cameraman, and independent producer Petr Jančárek (* 1959) is the recipient of several awards and nominations. From 2003 onward he worked with Václav Havel as a creator of audio-visual programmes, and in 2009 – 2011 he recorded in detail the last years of the president’s life.

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Photo: Tomki Němec
Photo: Tomki Němec
Photo: Tomki Němec
Photo: Tomki Němec
Photo: Tomki Němec