Czech Courts expelled a foreigner for three years after vandalizing the statue of St. Francis on the Charles Bridge. He also was fined 15,000 crowns and a six-month suspended custodial sentence.

A forty-year-old man damaged the saint’s statue at the beginning of September. He left a roughly three-centimeter foreign language banner in green. Two other foreigners saw him vandalizing the statue and alerted the police. Because the offender was immediately caught after the act, police and public prosecutor’s acted in short-term proceedings.

The criminal order was issued by the District Court for Prague 1. Men were threatened with up to three years in prison. In recent years, police have dealt with several cases where foreigners have damaged Prague’s monuments. In 2014, a pair of Frenchmen graffitied the National Theater, and later Japanese tourist vandalized the theater building in Divadelní street.